Les Misérables -Jean Valjean

  • Is there another way to go?
     I am reaching, but I fall
     And the night is closing in
     And I stare into the void
     To the whirlpool of my sin
     I'll escape now from the world
     From the world of Jean Valjean
     Jean Valjean is nothing now
     Another story must begin!

  • “And remember, the truth that once was spoken: to love another person is to see the face of God.”

  •  Before you say another word, Javert, before you chain me up like a slave again, listen to me. There is something I must do. This woman leaves behind a suffering child. There is none but me who can intercede. In mercy's name, three days are all I need. Then I'll return. I pledge my word. Then I'll return...

  • "look down, and show, some mercy if you can. look down, look down, upon your fellow man."

  • God on high, hear my prayer. In my need, you have always been there. He is young, he's afraid. Let him rest, heaven blessed. Bring him home, bring him home. Bring him home.

  • Yet why did I allow that man to touch my soul and teach me love? He treated me like any other, he gave me his trust, he called me brother.”

  • "Take an eye for an eye!

     Turn your heart into stone!
     This is all I have lived for!
     This is all I have known!"

  • "He told me that I have a soul, How does he know? 

  • Yes Cosette, forbid me now to die I'll obey. I'll try. On this page I write my last confession. Read it well when I at last am sleeping. It's the story of one who turned from hating - a man who only learned to love when you were in his keeping.

  • You have only done your duty; it's a minor sin at most, all of us have made misjudgements, you'll return sir to your post.


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